Malmo Oak 125mm width 14mm thickness 3mm veneer 1.8sqm packaging include underlay and installation

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£65.55 / sqm

Whitewashed 14/3 white oiled

125mm –  width

14mm –  thickness

3mm  –  veneer

1.8sqm  –  packaging

Include underlay and Installation


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Hard-wearing 14mm thick whitewashed oak floor with bevelled edge. Multi layered and with 3mm veneer ensures under floor heating compatibility and super stability. The rich textured brushed finish (as well as being beautiful to touch) gives the floor a more matt look similar to that of an oiled latte coloured floor but because of the heavy matt lacquered finish it comes without the maintenance associated with an oiled floor. Looks a more expensive floor when installed. For the money we believe this to be one of the best value floors on the internet. All our Brushed Oak have an easy to keep matt lacquered finish with a stunning lovely to touch brushed surface. These boards are designed for busy lives and UNLIKE oiled floors require minimal maintenance. Oiled floors need oiled annually, are very porous and can stain. Brushed and lacquered floors appear like oiled boards but are a lot more practical simply needing a soft brush with a damp mop swished over it now and again.

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